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Daniel Sprick’s “Release Your Plans”

                               Critical Review

      I am analyzing Daniel Sprick’s “Release Your Plans” painting, which
is located in Denver Art musuem’s seventh floor. The painting was painted
in 2001, and it is an Non-objective painting with  oil on panel painting.
By looking at this painting, one can be a little frustrated. The painting
creates some sort of confusion. It is hard to focus on one small part of
the painting because there are things going on all over the canvas.
      The painting is a painting of some artist’s studio, because you can
see an easel, and some paint. On artist’s easel, there is a broken glass of
beer, a tomato soup called “your plans”, a skull with pins in its eyes, an
egg shell on a knife, and some dead cockroaches. There is a mirror in front
of the easel that reflects the outside of the room, which is a lot more
prettier than artist’s studio. The mirror is standing on the stand, and
there are some broken candle holders with figures of angels. Behind the
mirror, there is a note attached to the wall that says something like
“desnity and plans.”  On the right of the easel, there is rose that is tied
down, and kind of curved, and this rose is tied to an easel, and easel is
tied to the mirror, so as if on of these objects fall down the rest two
will fall down too. There are roses in the air not attached to anything.
The floor is dirty, and full of cigerette butss, on the corner of the
painting there is a leg bone of a human, and somewhere on the right low
corner there is an object lift off the ground, standing on its own.
      Everything in this picture looks in its natural form, but not in
their natural environment. Roses in the air not attached to anything, or
skull on easel with pins in its eyes are some of the things that strikes me
most about this picture. There aren’t any extraordinary mixture of colors.
Everything looks in its natural color. The whole picture depictes life of
people. By seeing all these different object, we ca associate them with our
everyday life details. If the painting is looked in general, then we could
see every persons life in there. Every object is placed in order to create
a perfect balance in the picture. This is a 3 dimensional painting, and he
achieved this by using linear perspective.
      I think artist is trying to convey in this painting how life can get
messed up sometimes, in his painting you can see a lot things going on, and
we could relate that to our life. Roses could be best representations of
good things that happen in our life, and other broken glasses, and
cigarette butts, or skull could be a representions of bad things that
happen in our life. Artist was able to convey his complicated  messege
about life through simply drawing of simple objects. Even though every
object seems to be objects we see everyday, the messege they convery is
completely different.


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