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Art in Moscow - Иностранные языки

Art in Moscow
     Speaking about art gallereys of Moscow we must  mention  the
most famous gallereys.
     The State Tretyakov gallery is one of the best known picture
gallereys in  Russia.  It takes it's name from it's founder Pavel
Tretyakov, a Moscow mercant. In the 19'th century Tretyakov began
to collect  russian paintings.  He visitet all the exibitions and
art studios and  bought  the  best  pictures.  Little  by  little
Tretyakov extended  his  interests  and  began to collect earlier
Russian paintings.  In 1881 Tretyakov opened in St.  Peterburg to
the public,  11  years later he donated it to the city of Moscow.
Since then the gallerey has received hundred paintings from  oter
museums and private collections.  The Tretyakov gallerey reflects
the whole history of Russian paintings from 11'th century to  the
present day.
     Also I'd like to tell you about state pushkin museum of fine
art. The building was built in Greek stile by Roman Klein in 1898
- 1912 to house a museum of fine art,  founded of  initiative  of
professor Ivan Cvetayev. Since 1937 it has be known as The Puskin
museum of fine art.  It has one of  the  worlds  largest  ancient
collections of european art.  Now the picture gallerey has over 2
thousands works of various schools of painting which enaibous  us
to understand  and  appreciate  the  variaty  of staills over the
     The Pushkin  museum pereodically hald's exibition of the art
of various countries and of individual outstanding artist of past
and present.


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