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Методична розробка уроку англійської мови по темі Охорона навколішнього середовища - Педагогіка - Скачать бесплатно

Тема уроку: Охорона навколішнього середовища.

Мета уроку:

1. Створити на уроці мовні ситуації, що моделюють реальні ситуації обговорення охорони навколишнього середовища на міжнародній конференції екологами, лікарями, директорами великих промислових підприємств, які б мотивували використання іноземної мови з метою спілкування.

2. Домогтися реалізації головної мети уроку в процесі використання продуктивних вправ:

а) повідомлення й коментування фактів

б) доказ положень

в) опис явищ

г) дискусія між всіма учнями групи.

3. Здійснювати мотивуючу індивідуалізацію: використовувати варіативні завдання, підбирати мовних партнерів з урахуванням спільності інтересів й кону-тексту діяльності.

Хід уроку

1. Організаційний момент. Мовна зарядка. (Стільці розміщають півколом, у кожного учня візитка. (Doctor Smith, Ecologist Brown...)).

T. Dear children! Today we'll have an unusual lesson. It won't be a lesson, but a conference and you won't be pupils, but ecologists, doctors, managers of big enterprises.

So, ladies and gentleman! Welcome to our conference! It will be devoted to problems of environmental protection.

And now I’ve got a very interesting question to you. Are you romantic persons? Have you got imagination? If so, listen and enjoy. (Звучить запис «Ліс на світанку»: спів зарянки, крик зозулі, стукіт дятла.. .)

Where were you several minutes ago? (In the forest, near the river...).

All the same, nature surrounded you.

Dear friends!

What is the role of nature in our life? (Таблиця № З (відкрита частина № 1)).

2. Зворотній переклад висловлювань вождя племені північноамериканських індіанців Сіетла про роль природи у житті людини.

Chief Seattle in his famous speech at a tribal meeting in 1854 expressed the feelings of North American Indians (listen to the recording).

3. Передача змісту висловлювань вождя без використання опор.

And what is our life without nature? I fully agree with Davies, the poet, who expressed his feelings in his poem "Lei­sure". I like it very much. Do you?

4. Декламування вірша.

What is this life, if full of care

We've no time to stand and state,

No time to see when woods we pass

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see in broad daylight .

Streams full of stars like skies at night.

A poor life this is, full of care,

We've no time to stand and stare.

Really, a poor life this is if we live outside of natural world. Yet, we are constantly destroying our home. And speaking about our smaller brothers, such words as neglection and destruction can be used.

As all the representatives of our conference are members of the Green Peace movement, let us work out some slogans of our conference.

5. Формулювання девізу й гасел конференції. На дошці малюнки тварин й птахів із червоної книги. Слабкі учні одержують картки, подібні карточці № 2.

Well, ladies and gentlemen! I think it's high time to invite an ecologist here. Who wants to act as an ecologist?

6. Повідомлення й коментування цікавих фактів з серії «Екологія й тваринний світ» у формі ігри.

Ні! І am John Brown. I am an ecologist. I have been working in this sphere for 10 years already and I know all its burning problems. Now, I'll give you some interesting facts: By the year 2030 25% of all animals, birds, fish and insects may be extinct. A horrible fact, isn't it? What are the main reasons for it?

Робота зі схемою:

Well, the word "pollution" has just been mentioned. And what is pollution? (the answer: it is the contamination of environment, including air, water and land). Speaking about the air we breathe, we also need a specialist, and I want to invite here the manager of a big industrial enterprise. Іt's a big chemical plant.

7. Діалог-розпит. (Таблиці №№ 5 і 6 - на дошці).

Well, we have got an idea of how acid rains form. Lеt's once more enumerate the steps of the formation of acid rains.

8. Монолог-опис явища.

Pollution means the contamination of water. I want you to relax for some minutes. Listen to these sounds.

9. Запис звуків океанського прибою, крику чайок.

Are these sounds familiar to you? Of course, these are the sounds of the ocean, the great, significant ocean!

Some specialists on the problems of the ocean are present at our conference. Let's invite one of them with a report.

10. Монолог-повідомлення фактів.

And now I invite you to take part in the discussion of the problems, mentioned in Ann Sміth's report.

11. Дискусія з проблем, викладеним попереднім фахівцем. Опора - таблиця № 4. Учні задають питання по готовим відповідях.

Ladies and gentlemen! As you know, human beings have two environments. One is the outside world. And the other is their own bodies we have already spoken about and the in­fluence of the outside world on us. And what else can make us seriously ill? We need a doctor here to speak about health problems.

12. Дискусія по опорі:

13. Брейн-ринг із питань екології.

And now it's time for fun! Let's play brain-ring. There are two teams here: the team of ladies and the team of gentle­men.

The questions:

1 . What is ecology?

2 . What are three components of biodiversity?

3 . What is ozone?

4. How many species are there in the world?

5 . How many tropical forests have been cleared up or damages?

6 . What is the projected population in 2050?

7. What factors determine whether a land is a forest, grassland or a desert?

8 . How many people work and live in health-threatening conditions?

14. Опрацювання документа конференції: «Декларація взаємозалежності»

Every conference usually ends with a document. I invite you to work out a document of our conference. Іt'll be "A Declaration of Interdependence". Виконання зворотного перекладу.)

15. Виконання пісні "On a wagon, bound for market, Thеrе's a calf with a mournful eye. . ."

16. Підведення підсумків уроку. Виставлення оцінок.

1. Every year the sea... It contains more... Many people on y... Imagine, what it must be like... Many animals... Oil tanker disasters are very... In 1989 one of such disas­ters...

... arc also very harmful.

Chlorine accumulates... and causes problems with... In 1998 ... were killed by ... because...

Let our children see these ... !

Help these rare ... to survive!

Save these unique ...!

Stop killing ... for the sake of... !

Give freedom to all... !


supplies us with presents

us with gives us

mineral resources, food, clothes raw materials for our industries fresh air: there is no other planet in our sun system with such unique conditions for living enjoyment, because we really enjoy blue lines of rivers, green patches of meadows

1. The sea is getting more polluted.

2. People only worry when they want to swim.

3. Because animals depend on the sea for food.

4. Yes, oil tanker disasters are very dangerous.

5. Thousands of sea-otters were killed.

6. Yes, chlorine mixtures are also very harmful.

7. Because they accumulate in the fat of animals' bodies.

8. Problems with their liver.


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